Saturday, November 13, 2010

Life Drawing

So I really miss life drawing. These are the best images I could find that I had on my external hard drive. I'd really love to get back into it. Gotta find a place :Y

My teacher was so amazing too! (Marie Hagerty) She helped me so much! And life drawing really helped my art exponentially! It took a while but eventually it was like it all just clicked into place, and once I ditched the willow charcoal and moved to just pencil with the quick sketches and BAMMMMM~! My lil 2-4 minute sketches where so much better!

It's been so long since I've used traditional media. Which is quite sad. All I ever do now is digital, but I'm working hard to try and get my art to where I want it to be. Still have a super long way to go but I think I'll get there!

When I was at the National Gallery of Australia with my class we had to draw some of the statues outside. So this image is on A1 paper drawn free hand with sharpie and is of this statue Penelope

And this one is of a statue made by Rodin. (drawn at the same gallery) That day was awesome.